Friday, November 28, 2014

So long, Phil!

Death makes me contemplate in ways that life never does. Brings into sharp focus all things that had been pushed into deeper recess of the mind-- pushed into deeper recess because of my irrational belief that I have time on my side and that these things can be tended to later on while I divert my time and energy on so-called vital things in the present. It's shameful and embarrassing to think of all the fun I did not have in the last couple of years -- because I wasn't "in the mood" or it was inappropriate to have fun at that time or some other crappy excuse. And I'm not even talking of "Jack Kerouac-esque quit your job and live your life on the road" sort of adventures. Just little things that almost every one would enjoy (but most never get around to) - two-week road trip from cold east to warm south-west(planned but never took off), belting out Lennon's songs all day long on his birthday at Strawberry fields park, hiking in Macchu Picchu or learning to sing or reading the books I have always wanted to read and so on. Or anything that makes me happy and not just "the right thing to do". I'll never know when life will bowl a bouncer with my number on it -- but when it does I'd be so mad at myself if my knapsack is heavy with regrets.

Enjoy yourself - it's later than you think!