Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Notes from a big country

All right folks, here comes the much awaited first post from Toronto. :) Ok, I'm the only one waiting for it but that's enough to call it much-awaited. :) A lot of interesting things has happened since I arrived, but it would have been a lot more interesting if I didn't keep getting lost everyday. Last evening I came out on the wrong side of the subway station and wandered about for a while - two hours and twenty three minutes to be precise - when my hotel was just about 100m south of the station. Did I say south? Gee, I'm a half-canadian now. :-P Canadians, or Canucks as I call them, use north, south etc when giving directions and seldom use right or left. I know it for a fact because a large of part of my last two days was spent asking for directions.

I really want to write about a lot of things I experienced or observed, but the owner of this laptop is threatening that he will mix my lungs in tonight's dinner if I don't hand over his property at once. So long folks! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The sky has taken on a shade of grey. Reflects my mood today - gloomy. The air smells of rain. (Yeah, I could smell it from within this cage which is popularly known by the name cubicle.) How I wish I could tuck into my bed now and curl up with a book - preferably Ruskin Bond! There is something about reading Ruskin Bond when it rains. Something that I'm unable put into words. It's as enjoyable as partaking hot bajji and filter kappi on a rainy day. My idea of heaven. It has started to rain. It couldn't have chosen a more inappropriate moment. My mind and heart are engaged in a tug of war. My heart wants to swim in the sea of memories this rain evokes. My mind reminds me of work that needs to be completed today. For the moment, it's mind that is on top. Sigh!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


As much as I like to think that I enjoy blogging, I find writing a difficult task. I don't have a natural talent for writing. Words pour out of me no more fluently than water drips from a leaking tap. Every turn of phase is an outcome of intense agony and desperation. The ones that I come up with are as eloquent as the way Namitha would pronounce vazhaipazham :-| There are numerous bloggers out there write beautiful posts and it's unfortunate that I make a point of reading many of them; unfortunate because they make me feel insignificant. Reading good blogs is as enjoyable as a good night's sleep and a good writing invariably creates a desire in the heart of the reader to write. And this is where my doubts regarding insignificance is put to rest. :P